What Your Business Probably Is Missing With Traditional Marketing Attribution Tools

What Your Business Probably Is Missing With Traditional Marketing Attribution Tools

Conventional marketing attribution tools depend entirely on cookies and last-click attribution, and this is probably the reason why you are not seeing which part of your ads truly drives business results.


To help you make more intelligent business choices, you should use Facebook Attribution.


Facebook Attribution is an advertising measurement tool intended to give you a thorough picture of your customer’s venture.


With Facebook Attribution, you can:


Understand which of your ads are driving activity

Assign conversion credit to promote touchpoints along the customer venture, on and off Facebook, to comprehend what clearly drives your business results.



Measure over the Facebook group of services and apps

Amongst other things, you can also see outcome results from the Facebook pixel, application occasions, and Offline Conversions, and measure view-based conversions and ads utilizing Custom Audiences.



Allocate credit dependent on evaluated incremental value with the information-driven attribution model

Having checked against randomized controlled experiments, Attribution allows you to quantify the assessed incremental effect of all your advertising endeavors across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger with the information-driven attribution model.



Measure across gadgets, publishers, and channels

Keep track of conversion paths that occur over various gadgets and effectively see the performance by channel – paid or organic – and publisher to know what’s driving your conversions.