Social Media Networking for Business and Community Growth

Social Media Networking for Business and Community Growth

Social media networking solves one of the challenges businesses face in expanding their network. Why is this important? Because a network is a good source of…


Prospects, Clients, and Partners.


In the days of old, when the internet was nothing or did not exist, growing a network is a very hard affair. More often than not, business owners would spend a lot of time trying to reach out to people. And even with all the effort that they did, it would often be a hit and miss.


Enter the internet and social media…


Nowadays, it’s a different story. The internet and social media platforms have leveled the playing field. Literally, anyone can grow their networks and profit from it with only a computer and an internet connection.


But how exactly would you as a business do this?


Simple, leverage social media networking for your business.


Let’s back up a bit. I suggest you look at how Connecting Benefits shows this. This is a report on the state of social networking in Australia and how it helps small businesses and communities.


In this report, you get an idea of how…


  • -Social Networking happens in Australia
  • -It is removing barriers to help businesses find relevant consumers
  • -It connects individuals to build resilient communities

When you haven’t used social networking in your business and you’ve read this report, then you’ll be surprised at what you’re missing out.


You’ll read about …


…a company from the Gold coast becoming an international business that is still operating after seven years


…a Facebook group that has 35,000 members who support and help each other like an extended family


…an environmental group that influenced volunteers to collect 1,200,000 pieces of rubbish from public spaces in Australia within a year.


And who knows, you could be among one of them.


That’s why we here at Misfit Digital want you to understand why this is important to you. We want you to read this report and decide for yourself how it will work out for you.


We are here to help you understand and give you guidance so that your cause or business will grow.


So start learning and read this report of Connecting Benefits. Once you do, we’re here to guide you to the next step.