Top 5 Best Practices You Shouldn’t Ignore When Running Facebook & Instagram Brand Campaigns

Top 5 Best Practices You Shouldn’t Ignore When Running Facebook & Instagram Brand Campaigns

There are a lot of dos and don’ts on social media that you don’t know where you should start. It’s incredibly frustrating.


But if you think brand campaigns on Facebook and Instagram is the key to growing your business, you’re absolutely correct.


That’s why our team at Misfit Digital came up with the top 5 best practices on Facebook and Instagram so you know exactly what you should do and where to start.


Read on:


Safety First


Social Media


Getting your social media account hacked stops your brand campaign momentum. It can also make potential customers become wary of your brand’s security especially if you’re in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry.


Fortunately, Facebook offers a Login Approval feature that makes it harder for your brand’s social media account to get hacked.


Trolls are another problem to consider. They can ruin your brand’s reputation and spoil your fans and followers’ experience. To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is to turn on the comment filters and customize it with specific terms, emojis, or phrases you think trolls would use.


Find Your target audience


Social Media


Even before you start rolling out a brand campaign, you should already have a clear idea of who your target audience is. Knowing who your target is will make formulating an effective strategy simpler and coming up with relevant engagement tactics easier.




For Facebook, your first question should be ‘Where do they hang out?’. Knowing the Facebook groups they’re in and the Facebook pages they like will give you insights on how they behave and what type of content they like. This way, you won’t waste time and energy coming up with content that your target audience won’t appreciate.


Facebook Insights will help you finetune your content and engagement strategy, Insights offer a clear look at the demographics of your audience, what kind of content resonates with them the most, and when they’re most active.




On Instagram, you can easily find more about your target audience by using your brand’s hashtag or hashtags that are relevant to your industry. From there, you will find the top users and content that resonated the most.


A simple hack you can use right away to find other hashtags that the top users share and the type of content they use. From here, you can craft content that attracts the target audience.


Unfortunately, Instagram Insights are currently being offered to businesses with high levels of engagement. Good thing there’s a bunch of free Instagram analytics tools you can use like picture.iosocialbakers, and Union Metrics.


Engage. Engage. Engage.


Social Media


Whether you’re on Facebook or Instagram, you always have to maintain a high level of engagement activity. Aside from playing to Facebook and Instagram’s algorithmic preferences, you’re also showing to your target audience that you care. This builds digital trust, the most important currency online.


Here are some ways you can engage your target audience on Facebook and Instagram:



  • Ask questions



Asking questions is a great way to get users commenting and building rapport with them. It also gives you incredible insights into what your target audience prefer and their opinions. Their answers will give you a glimpse on what kind of content you can offer that they’ll appreciate.



  • Use user-generated content



Regramming a beautiful brand photo of an Instagram user or sharing brand fan arts of a Facebook user are great ways to show that your brand notices and cares about its audience. It’s a pleasant surprise that caters to your target audience’s sense of pride and It’s a smart way to gain loyal brand followers. Don’t forget to tag and thank them.



  • User Appreciation



The best thing about Facebook and Instagram is how easy it is to find users who love and support your brand. Give them a pleasant surprise by liking and commenting on their positive posts about your brand. You can also give them a shoutout. Show them that your brand appreciates their kind gesture. It’s a surefire way to win over a Facebook user into a loyal brand follower.



  • Run contests



Running contests is still a great engagement activity as long as you don’t force people to like, share, or comment. With the right contest and the right reward, you can expand your brand’s reach and gain loyal brand followers.



  • Tag a friend content



Tag a friend content can be explicit or implicit. The goal of this kind of engagement content is to find people who can relate and expand your brand’s presence to the right people, your target audience’s friends!



  • Go live



Live videos offer a great opportunity to get engagement. For starters, going live on Facebook triggers a notification that tells your audience and their friends that you’re live. It’s a great way to get more quality impressions. When you go live, you can show them behind the scenes, make announcements, and interact with live audiences by answering their questions.



  • Provide relevant content



When you know your target audience well, you won’t run out of engagement content. Even if the content you share is not yours, your audience will appreciate it as long as it’s helpful and relevant to their desires and problems.



  • Respond to comments



Always respond to comments, whether it’s positive or negative. Responding to negative comments is a great opportunity to show to other users that you heard their problems and that you care. Responding to positive comments is powerful enough to convert a random commenter into a loyal brand follower.


Grow Your Community


Social Media


Growing your community is the key to steady growth and organic engagements.


Aside from being a good leverage to attract more of your target audience, it’s also a good preventive measure to social media disasters, which happens even to the best brands. Having a strong community of fans and followers who are willing to spread good words about your brand will help a lot during these tough situations.




Responding to other Facebook pages is a good way to spread your brand presence to a massive crowd as long as it’s relevant to your brand and your target audience. Tagging other Facebook pages or accounts is a good way to accumulate weight, which means your content will show up in more Facebook newsfeeds.


Another way to grow your community on Facebook is to actually start your own Facebook Group or making them join your email list. From there, you can give them first look at promos, announcement, and exclusive content.




One of the best ways to grow your community on Instagram is by tapping relevant influencers. Having relevant influencers promote your brand to their loyal fans is one of the easiest and fastest ways to win over more of your target audience. It makes your brand look more human, builds trust, and extends your brand presence on a massive scale.


Another idea you can use is to come up with a special hashtag that you and your Instagram followers can use. Here you can have direct interactions with brand followers. It functions as some kind of a secret group and you treat it as such to foster a deeper sense of community.


Sprinkle in Variety


Social Media


Facebook and Instagram encourage brands to post consistently and daily. Consistent daily posts help your brand get seen on more newsfeeds and drive more impressions and engagements.


However, posting the same kind of content over and over can get dull and boring. Here are some ideas that you can use so you’ll never run out of fresh content.



  • Use Videos



Videos are currently the type of content that drives the most engagements and impressions on Facebook and Instagram. Make sure to make the most out of it.


You don’t have to come up with 5-minute videos or even 3-minute videos. In fact, you’re better off with videos that run for a minute or less. The key here is to create a video that doesn’t rely on sound, which means they can still enjoy your video content without clicking the audio button. Another thing to remember is to use subtitles or text guides for words that are used.


Don’t forget to come up with an interesting thumbnail to drive engagement.



  • Jump on Hashtag Trends


Jumping on hashtag trends is a good way to stay relevant on your audience’s radars and win over new fans and followers. It’s also a great source of fresh and interesting content.  Using hashtag trends, you can show your brand’s take on what’s happening in the world today and could put your brand in a positive light.



  • Use Location Tags



Location tags allow you to connect with audiences living in or going to key places: like your headquarters, your brand events, or meeting with your influencers. It’s also an effective way to drive fans to show up at key events.



  • Use Stories



Stories are best used for your brand’s personal touches. It helps build rapport and trust with your target audience. Treat them with an inside look at your brand’s process, what you’re doing, and emotionally significant moments.



  • Use Stickers, Filters, and Emojis



Using filters, stickers, and emojis correctly is your easy solution when it comes to spicing up your content and sprinkling in a dose of variety. Unleash your creativity and find ways to use stickers, filters, and emojis to pump up your brand’s personality.


Still Overwhelmed With Your Brand Campaign?

It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed with the number of things you have to do to pull off a successful brand campaign.


You’ll need a team of brand campaign experts who have the experience and skills to help your brand grow and gain a competitive edge in the digital space.


Misfit Digital’s team have over 15 years combined experience working with businesses across the globe creating social advertising strategies that helped them stand out from the rest, make competitors uncomfortable, and their target audience notice.


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