Facebook is testing new info labels for paid partnerships’ posts

In its effort to improve transparency on the platform, social media giant Facebook seems to be testing out another measure.


After its political ad labels which talked thoroughly on the details of politically-funded posts, Facebook (for its paid partnerships) is now testing new info labels as seen on posts.



If you notice, the new tags are really much the same as the platform’s info tags for important topics or political posts.



We will see a fresh icon for Branded Content on the clickable image of the post for us to know more about the brand partnership, once this is rolled out.


Since 2016, Facebook has been improving Branded Content Tags and with the new Brand Collabs Manager tool (connecting brands with influencers for possible partnerships), it is just right for the platform to look for ways to ensure that the arrangements are disclosed to prevent any confusion or loss of trust.


Shared by social media expert Matt Navarra, user Jenny Earnest spotted the new tag ‘in the wild’.


We will give an update once we hear more. For now, that’s all we can share.

Source: https://goo.gl/TgWszT