Facebook Pixel, Now In Facebook Groups?

Facebook Pixel, Now In Facebook Groups?

If you’ve been trying your hardest to expand your reach but finding no luck with running your Facebook page, you might have turned to groups. Facebook groups lets you build your community and establish an active following.

The downside? You just can’t retarget this audience with  ads, meaning it can be difficult to market a new product or initiative to such an active group!


But GOOD NEWS! Facebook is now letting advertisers who own a Facebook group to integrate their Facebook Pixel right into their own groups. This lets you see the actions people have taken on your website after they have engaged with the posts within your group.


The data from your chosen pixel will appear in the Group Tab insights within 24 hours. This will be available for the group admins, or for anyone in your team who has an admin access to Facebook pixel. Facebook grants the access for pixel only to groups with 250+ members. Now,  you can get to know your audience better as the Pixel lets you get more data points.


More and more Facebook advertisers are wondering if they can actually create a custom audience that they can later target with Ad sets.


Well, a Facebook spokesperson said that the pixel update made available for groups  is unrelated to monetizing groups. Facebook Pixel for groups is intended to let marketers understand how members engage with their own website and land better conversions.


This new feature will be rolled out and made available to groups within the following weeks.


Pretty cool, huh?  Thanks, Facebook!