Facebook Attribution – A Better Measurement Tool For Your Marketing Efforts

Facebook Attribution – A Better Measurement Tool For Your Marketing Efforts

Do you want to figure out the outcome of your marketing efforts across publishers, channels, and devices? Try Facebook Attribution.

In today’s world where people are using multiple devices, browsers, and channels, that makes it all the more difficult for you to measure the outcome of your marketing efforts on your business. As consumer exploration has advanced, conventional attribution structure may no longer present a thorough measurement of how effective your marketing efforts still is.

Marketers always want to measure how their marketing is delivering business results and if their investments are gaining profits. And this is where Facebook Attribution comes in handy – it makes measuring these aspects a lot easier!

Want to know your numbers across the Facebook group of apps and services? Facebook Attribution can do this for you.

Understand how your Ads are doing including on Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and mobile in-app media.

And since Attribution has access to all of your Facebook impression and click data, it automatically consolidates conversion events from Facebook pixels and app events over the SDK. Not only that, but it also presents support for Offline Conversions providing a comprehensive view of Facebook performance.

Facebook Attribution

People-based as well as cross-device results can be measured

Since Facebook Attribution is built on a foundation of people-based insights, it gives you a comprehensive account of your marketing performance across publishers, on and off Facebook, and across devices and channels.

Facebook Attribution

The best part is Attribution is free and easy to use with minimal setup

For businesses that are looking to understand how effective their marketing efforts are on and off Facebook, Attribution is free – regardless of the size of the business.

Getting started with Attribution is as easy as 1-2-3.

Here are two ways:

  • Visits: Performance across publishers is auto-populated through the use of UTM tracking parameters. If you’ve already set up your Facebook pixel or SDK, no additional setup is required to use Facebook Attribution.
  • Tags: Get a more complete picture of your marketing effectiveness by adding impression and click tagging across the publishers you work with. For more advanced reporting, you can set up other third-party platforms with publisher tracking tags.


Assign credit based on correct incremental value with data-driven attribution.

Facebook Attribution is disciplined on randomized controlled experimentation thus allowing you to measure the incremental value of your marketing efforts precisely. This model is available on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.

Learn more about data-driven attribution.

Facebook Attribution

With Attribution insights, you can make more informed marketing decisions

  • Maximize your budget and ad strategies by reallocating your budgets to campaigns that are most effective at driving conversions
  • Increase your focus on the marketing tactics that work
  • Optimize placement, creative and audiences that are performing best
  • Use attribution results to inform your quarterly and annual planning

For more information about Facebook Attribution, please visit Advertiser Help Centre.

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