Essential Things You Need to Know About Facebook Ads Update

Essential Things You Need to Know About Facebook Ads Update

Offering products and services nowadays are limitless. One of the good avenues to market your products and services is through harnessing the power of Facebook. Facebook users proliferate, the platform continues to flourish and improve with different functionalities that can be channeled into a marketing strategy. It is now easier to sell, buy, post, and advertise because it can be promoted through your profile and sites by utilizing Facebook Ads.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads enables users to utilize Facebook as a toolkit to market their products and services. They offer ads options based on your budget and expertise level. In addition, Facebook is also connected to other social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger where it would be easier to reach and communicate target users and clients. In Facebook Ads, users can easily plug advertisements and do marketing by creating advertisements through Facebook. Putting ads on Facebook becomes a crucial source for branding and generate more traffic to websites.  Also, Facebook Ads are in a constant update to ensure that it addresses the ever-evolving needs and strategies, marketers needed to reach out to users and other potential clients as well.

What Do We Expect to See with Facebook Ads Update?

Facebook thrives on feedbacks from different users and communities. With these feedbacks, Facebook Ads are updated and improved based on the needs and suggestions from the majority of users. Facebook Ads Update ensures efficient and trustworthy generation of advertisement and conforms to the majority of international policies on information.

Here are some of the Facebook Ads Updates:

  1. Recommendations

Your client is your best ambassadors to provide suggestions and recommendations to other Facebook users. When people are looking for recommended places to eat, shop or hire services, they ask families, friends and colleagues. Facebook developed the “Recommendations” to the Page. Users will be able to post recommendations to business which includes text, photos and tags to a business page.

  1. Increased Visibility of Story

Page Stories suggests ways to tie up with your clients and connect with them with your business newest and latest offerings. Facebook Stories provides additional placement to your News Feed, Instagram Stories, and Messenger which deliver your business’ message in an immersive environment. Page Stories can be utilized to promote your ads aside from the usual newsfeed and keeping your connection to your customers.

  1. Keeping Advertising Safe and Civil

To ensure that Facebook Ads are free from maligning individuals and organizations, Facebook Ads update include Removal of Targeting Options. Facebook Business page stated “We’re removing 5,000 targeting options to help prevent misuse. While these options have been used in legitimate ways to reach people interested in a certain product or service, we think minimizing the risk of abuse is more important. This includes limiting the ability for advertisers to exclude audiences that relate to attributes such as ethnicity or religion.”

In addition, Facebook also included the Expansion of Advertiser Education which educates advertisers on obligations under their policies. Facebook Ads requires completion of certification in order to continuously promote and market their products and services. Facebook Business stated “For over a year, we have required advertisers we identify offering housing, employment or credit ads to certify compliance with our non-discrimination policy. In the coming weeks, this new certification will roll out gradually to all US advertisers via our Ads Manager tool. Advertisers will be required to complete this certification in order to continue advertising on Facebook. We’ve designed this education in consultation with outside experts to underscore the difference between acceptable ad targeting and ad discrimination.”

With these steps, Facebook controls the fake news and political ads by imposing rigorous guidelines and validation to ensure transparency and accountability of users. Facebook also works double time to ensure that any distorted or misleading fake news is being removed to regain the trust in the ads that appear in the feeds and pages of users.

  1. Updating Facebook Ads Metrics

Facebook added metrics that will help users to evaluate their ad performance by providing a holistic view by accounting all ways on how people have networked and interacted with the business. Furthermore, the ad metrics also provides what could be the impact of those interactions based on the business results and reactions. Facebook Business states “We also redesigned the customize column selector in Ads Manager to consolidate website, mobile and offline metrics. Previously, you had to select three separate metrics if you wanted a holistic measure of purchases across these channels. Now, you can get this reporting just by selecting one metric.”

  1. New Messenger Augmented Reality

Facebook announced the new Augmented Reality integration in Messenger which allow businesses to leverage the “Camera Effects Platform” to easily integrate Augmented Reality into their Messenger experience by conveying virtual reality one step closer to users. The idea for this is to help users on deciding on a product by virtually trying it and share the experience with their friends for suggestions and feedback. The AR effects can help businesses in ensuring that their customers and potential clients see the product or services closely.

Final Words on Facebook Ads Update

These updates for Facebook Ads can be a game changer, not only it provides new policies and new effects but also provides new methods to strategize advertisement for businesses. These updates also level up in the user experience in terms of providing better Facebook Ads services and how to efficiently execute an advertisement for the target market and users.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platform in the world, which equates to millions of user views of advertisement consistently. With the improvement and updates of Facebook Ads, it would ensure that most of the advertisement are trustworthy, safe and appropriate for businesses.

How about you? Which of the updates do you think could be a useful way for you to put up your ads and reach out to your potential clients and target users? Do you look forward to utilizing the new updates in your page or profile? Do share with your ideas on Facebook Ads Update.