7 Updates You Need To Know about Instagram for Your Business

7 Updates You Need To Know about Instagram for Your Business

Let’s face it. Everyone has heard of Instagram before. And most probably, you have to. But for the most part, you think of the platform as something that you use to post pretty pictures online. You don’t believe that this would also affect your business.

It is such a powerful tool. You can use it to get your business up and running and making it work for you online. And with the fantastic updates that are coming in, it’s going to make your business more profitable.

The problem is, you have no idea how to use and make it work for your business. There’s always this chance that you will randomly choose pictures for your business.


Here are some features that will help brands in Instagram. This will help those brands expand security and verification options. These features will also help your content stand out and drive engagement.

Here are 6 Updates that you need to know about Instagram that will help you with your business.

New Shopping Options

There are two new features that you can find in the Shopping options. These features can help businesses improve the shopping experience and get more sales. Here they are:

Business profiles with product tagging can now tag products in their Stories.

This will provide your business more reach. It will also maximize the ROI for the products you sell on Instagram.

Instagram is testing a new shopping channel in the Explore section.

This is made to follow the tastes and style of individual users. This is based on the brands that the user are following and interacting with. Using this, there is a better connection between the seller and the customer. This will drive new customers and repeated sales. Using this will help improve the reach and opportunities.

Expanded Security Settings

One concern of companies using Instagram for themselves and their customers is security. There is always that risk of being exploited by hackers and malware.

That’s why Instagram has expanded its security settings. This includes using third-party authentication apps to log in to your Instagram accounts. There is also a two-factor authentication. This will create a more secure way to log into the account. With this, the risk of hacking decreases significantly.

More Information Available for Users

Knowing relevant information is something that would drive relevance to sales and campaigns. That is why Instagram created a Virtual ID for users. This will better evaluate the authenticity of accounts with large audiences. This is information “About this account.”

This will include the following things:

  • When you joined Instagram
  • In which country your account is located
  • Other accounts you  share followers with
  • If you changed your business name in the last year
  • Any ads that your account is currently running

Instagram Verified Badge Is Here

One of the things a business needs is to show credibility. It’s also one of the hardest things to do. Sometimes, it can be faked. That’s why Instagram is getting a verified badge for legitimate businesses to get it’s reach out.

Becoming verified here could have a significant effect on a business. It shows that the product has the authority and reach. It also adds credibility that will help a company in their efforts.


New Superzoom Effects for Stories

Yes, we all know that Instagram is a visual medium. That’s why it launched Stories. It’s also an excellent way to sell and market to your intended audiences.

That’s why Instagram is including New Superzoom Effects for Stories.

Right now Instagram is testing these six new effects:

  • Paparazzi-like camera flashes
  • Explosive fire and adrenaline-fueled music
  • Heart-filled fog with music playing
  • A big red X with a classic door-slamming “rejection” sound effect
  • Falling leaves

Polls Added to Direct Messages

Businesses need Engagement to drive sales in their marketing effort. That’s why poll stickers have been a valuable asset on Stories. This makes it easier to get both social proof and engagement.

Right now, you’ll be able to send poll stickers a single individual or a select group all at once.

Having this, it will be easier to create engagement that will help you drive sales.

Instagram is a powerful tool for your business. It’s not just a place to put visual content. It’s also a place to get your business to connect with individuals and groups. This drives engagement and gets more sales.

Of course, you can try to do this on your own.

But if you want to get the best out of it, we’re here to help you.



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