Case Studies


Scaling e-commerce sales for Time and Shade

Challenge: Ad performance had stalled within their current FB ads funnel via their Shopify site, delivering an ROI of 1.5. The wanted to scale at a ROI of at least 3.

Opportunity: Leverage existing database and build new sales funnels to other key audience personas.

Solution: The current funnel had exhausted the audience and as a result the client was seeing a reduction month on month in ROI. We audited the account and saw some significant opportunity with creating lookalike audiences from existing purchasers. We also saw trends in the performance, with certain products delivering a higher ROAS within different audiences. We split these out and developed separate funnels to make sure the right audience was being served the right product. We then introduced dynamic retargeting to make sure that consumers were getting the most relevant retargeting possible, designed to increase conversion rates.

The results:
  • We received a x4 ROI on ad spend over the campaign
  • AVO increased by 23%
  • Retargeting conversion rates increase from 4% to 6.5% during the campaign period

Launching Way Back When To Market

Challenge: Launching a new fashion e-commerce re-seller into market and generating a database and sales

Opportunity: To drive awareness of the brand via social media and provide digital marketing sales strategy to generate a database and to drive sales on the site.

Solution: Misfit Digital did an initial consumer audit, reviewing the demographic of potential customers, competitor research and consumer behaviour profiling. The result was creating a Facebook and Instagram campaign targeting Men 18-35 years old, overlaid with partner category demographic and shopping behavioural data. Through developing engaging video content, we were able to drive awareness of the brand driving considerable engagement at the top of the funnel. We also devised an on site offer that allowed us to build the database, providing a considerable retargeting data pool to work with. We then leveraged product catalogues to retarget visitors with products that were of interest.

The results:

  • We got over 4,000 people on their database in the first month
  • After 3 months, we got them a 6.8x return on ad spend ( see example below)

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